Churchill: The Last Lion Who Saved Western Civilization

Victor Davis Hanson 1/21/2015

Fifty years ago this Saturday, former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill died at age 90.

Churchill is remembered for his multiple nonstop careers as a statesman, Cabinet minister, politician, journalist, Nobel laureate historian and combat veteran. He began his career serving the British military as a Victorian-era mounted lancer and […]

The mainstream media ignores the elephant in the room

Dr. John Flopping Aces 10/2/2014

The first case of the “mystery” virus affecting kids all over the country has been reported in Maine. The mainstream press has shown an astonishing lack of interest in the obvious.

Over 900 cases of this illness have appeared, scattered throughout the country and they have only one thing in […]

Ebola Spreads in Africa—and Likely Will Spread Beyond

The Ebola virus has killed a Liberian doctor and infected two Americans in the worst-ever Ebola epidemic, which has now spread to Nigeria.

Karen Weintraub National Geographic 7/28/2014

…Public health experts say they expect the virus to reach other parts of the world, including the United States, though it’s unlikely to spread widely in regions […]

With a Heavy Heart: Tulsa Loses Dr. Perry Inhofe

Maggie Maggie’s Notebook 11/11/2013

Dr. Perry Inhofe (52), the son of Senator Jim Inhofe and Kay Inhofe, died in a twin-engine plane crash yesterday near Owasso, Oklahoma. We heard the news that a plane had gone viagra best price down yesterday, but only late this afternoon learned that Dr. Inhofe was the pilot and had […]

Jim Hightower: Death, taxes and, now, debt

August 17, 2009

AUSTIN–THESE ARE HARD TIMES for debt collectors. After all, who can pay their bills these days? Not Wall Street, Detroit, millions of homeowners, the rising number of jobless folks — not even some states and cities.

But, wait! Here are some lively prospects for debt collectors: the dead. Yes, there’s a boom […]