Senate Approves $500 Billion Increase in Borrowing Authority

Cory Boles The Wall Street Journal 9/8/2011

The U.S. Senate, in an unusual procedure, cleared the way Thursday for the U.S. to lift its borrowing authority by $500 billion to $15.19 trillion, enough to keep the support federal government borrowing through late January or early February.

The action came under an unusual legislative procedure spelled […]

Congressman Ron Paul today on CNBC

RonPaul YouTube 8/4/2011

Congressman Ron Paul discusses the debt deal, gold, QE3, inflation and default with CNBC


Update: Last night Lou Dobbs interviewed Congressman Paul. It’s a good conversation and Jared Law of The 9/12 Project posted the video in an email, “Ron Paul Slams Debt ‘Super Committee’: ‘Monstrous,’ and Unconstitutional”


Debt Ceiling Tweet of the Day – We are all terrorists now

William A. Jacobson Legal Insurrection 7/30/2011

Civility! Compromise! The Politico!

From Jim Treacher:

Related: At NewsBusters, Charles Krauthammer Scolds Margaret Carlson for Saying Tea Party ‘Strapped Explosives to the Capitol’

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I thought that post-Tucson we weren’t supposed to accuse our political opponents of being terrorists.

CARLSON: Nihilists.

KRAUTHMAMMER: Strapping a bomb […]

Byron York: McConnell Didn’t Surrender

Dan Riehl RiehlWorldView Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Writing at The Examiner, Byron York lists the concessions McConnell is said to have gotten for moving the health care vote up several hours. It’s a surprisingly long list. Of course, it is coming from the Republicans, who want to put a good face on the deal. But […]