Is Barack Obama Our First American King?

Michael Ramirez Viewpoint 2/13/2014

…”The king is going out to California,” Carney announced. He might have been referring to King Abdullah II of Jordan, who is scheduled to meet Obama in Rancho Mirage, but we’re not sure…


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Chu to Congress: We’re not interested in lowering gas prices

Ed Morrissey 2/29/2012

Hey, at least Energy Secretary Stephen Chu gave an honest answer. When asked by Rep. Alan Nunnelee whether the Obama administration wants to work to get gas prices to come back down, Chu replied that they’re not focusing on that — and that higher gas prices mean more of a push […]

GOP Lawmakers Challenge White House on ‘Scientific Misconduct’ 10/20/2011

Several Republican lawmakers are challenging the Obama administration’s science czar over what they claim are repeat incidents of “scientific misconduct” among agencies, questioning whether officials who deal with everything from endangered species to nuclear waste are using “sound science.”

The letter sent Wednesday to John Holdren, director of the Office of Science and […]

U.S. Judge blasts Obama scientists calling them ‘liars’

The judge called one [scientist] a “zealot” who didn’t let facts get in the way of her goals and the other an “untrustworthy” witness.

Jim Kouri Law Enforcement Examiner 9/26/2011

A federal judge blasted Obama Administration-connected scientists on Friday for their lying to justify a drastic reduction in the amount of water that flows into […]

Delta Smelt & Undocumented Farm Workers: How Federal Policy Is Failing CA’s Central Valley

ReasonTV 1/12/2011

California’s Central Valley is a 450 mile long stretch of flat and fertile land that produces much of the food that we enjoy every day. But the people in small towns like Mendota (the cantaloupe capital of the world) are suffering these days, in part due to two federal policies.

In order to […]

Oops… Federal Judge Rules Liberal Fish Study That Forced Officials to Cut Off California Water Was Based on Junk Science

Jim Hoft GatewayPundit 12/15/2010

Oops!… Sorry about that mass unemployment and drought.

In December 2008, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issued what is known as a “biological opinion” imposing water reductions on the San Joaquin Valley and environs to safeguard the federally protected hypomesus transpacificus, a.k.a., the delta smelt. As a result, tens […]