Ann Romney tells Mitt’s critics to ‘Stop it.’

Will they listen?

Presidential campaigns may be hardest on the spouses. In a radio interview Thursday, Ann Romney revealed how much the sniping from Republicans has hurt.

Liz Marlantes The Christian Science Monitor 9/21/2012

Maybe it’s a maternal thing. But we couldn’t help but sympathize somewhat when we heard Ann Romney’s latest attempt to defend […]

Top Dem Leaves DISCLOSE Act Vigil

Alana Goodman Commentary Magazine 7/17/2012

After Senate Republicans blocked the DISCLOSE Act from a vote yesterday, Senate Democrats held a “midnight vigil” to support the donor disclosure legislation. The lead sponsor of the bill, Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, felt so strongly about fundraising transparency that he stayed at the debate all night long.

Kidding! He […]

Senate GOP blocks DISCLOSE Act

The Daily Caller 7/16/2012

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Republicans blocked Democratic-backed legislation requiring organizations pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into campaign ads to disclose their top donors and the amounts they spend.

GOP opposition prevented Democrats from getting the 60 votes needed to bring what is known as the Disclose Act to the Senate […]

Senate Dems offer new version of DISCLOSE Act to fight Citizens United ruling

Peter Kasperowicz The Hill 7/11/2012

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) and eight other Senate Democrats proposed new legislation on Tuesday that seeks to counteract the 2010 Citizens United case in which the Supreme Court ruled that the government cannot limit political spending by corporations, unions or other groups.

Democrats reacted to that ruling two years ago […]

Pelosi: Democrat Agenda is to Amend the 1st Amendment to Remove Corporate Free Speech

Rob Port Say Anything 4/19/2012

According to Nancy Pelosi, Democrats are taking aim at the 1st amendment, intending to curtail the free speech (in the form of political spending and contributions) of corporations.

“We have a clear agenda in this regard: [DISCLOSE], reform the system reducing the [role] of money in campaigns, and amend the […]

Obama vs. the ‘Undisclosed Donors’

“…every contracting department and agency shall require all entities submitting offers for federal contracts to disclose certain political contributions and expenditures they have made within two years prior to the submission of their offer.”

Jed Babbin The American Spectator 5/2/2011

On matters of war and peace, President Obama likes to lead from behind. […]