Exit strategy? Boehner buys home in Florida as groups recruit candidates to unseat him

Michael Dorstewitz BizPac Review 2/22/2014

A grassroots organization is conducting a forum in U.S. House Speaker John Boehner’s Ohio district Saturday. Its main order of business is to recruit candidates to mount a primary challenge to the GOP congressman. Coincidentally (or maybe not) Boehner just sealed the deal on a Florida condominium.

Boehner is but […]

Evil Google!

EMERGENCY: Spread the word, Doug Ross’ Journal deleted by Google without warning!

Kevin DuJan HillBuzz 8/30/2011

Doug Ross’ Journal – a political site that regularly criticizes the Obama Administration – was deleted by Google without warning earlier today.

Doug is updating the situation via Twitter here.

A bit of history on this: in the […]