Missing #Breitbart

‘A brawler for truth’: Andrew Breitbart remembered on birthday

Twitchy 2/1/2014



It’s Breitbart’s birthday. Don’t let the pandering party hacks undo all he worked for. #KruiserFeelings

— SFK (@stephenkruiser) February 1, 2014



Andrew Breitbart is being remembered today on what would be his 45th birthday.

At the website that bears his […]

Cass Sunstein to Leave WH ‘Regulatory Czar’ Post & Return to Harvard Law School

Madeleine Morgenstern The Blaze 8/3/2012

Cass Sunstein, President Barack Obama’s “regulatory czar,” will leave his administration post and head back to Harvard Law School later this month, Politico reported Friday morning:

Sunstein, a celebrity academic who met Barack Obama when they were both teaching at University of Chicago Law School was among the world’s most-quoted […]

Is free will becoming extinct?

"Obama regulatory czar Cass Sunstein is making us sick to our stomach, but Dr. Helen is on the case."-Sissy Willis

Dr. Helen Smith 7/5/2010

Have you noticed an uptick in studies that seem to say you have no or little free will? It seems that as more and more liberals desire to regulate […]