Was Joe Soptic famous before he was famous?

Leo Gerard and the Chicago Thugs

Is Obama appointee the link between the Obama campaign and the Obama SuperPAC?

Jeffrey Lord The American Spectator 8/16/2012

Was Joe Soptic famous before he was famous?

Did a member of the Obama Administration bring Soptic to the attention of both the Obama campaign and the pro-Obama SuperPAC run […]

Project Veritas: To Catch a Journalist–Part I

Stable Hand The Jawa Report 10/24/2011

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It’s another Soros link to Occupy Wall Street

Envisions ‘New Economic World Order’ no longer dominated by 1 superpower

Aaron Klein WorldNetDaily 10/14/2011

A George Soros-funded economist taught a course to the Occupy Wall Street protesters purportedly to help the activists better understand what caused the global financial crisis.

Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz also recently addressed the so-called social protests rocking […]

NY Times’ Paul Krugman Calls for ‘Government Jobs’ Jobs Plan; Cites Union-Funded Study

by Kyle Olson BigGovernment.com 12/7/2009

Undeterred by stubbornly high unemployment rates, and a stimulus plan that has fallen flat, talk of a second stimulus package is growing louder. But to shed the unsuccessful “stimulus” moniker, Democrats and government labor unions have adopted a “jobs plan.”

Paul Krugman, the New York Times columnist who’s never seen […]