Cap and Trade hits homeowners, small business, farmers hardest

July 21, 2009 Waxman-Markey: Homeowners, Small Businesses, and Farmers Hit the Hardest by Ben Lieberman WebMemo #2553

The Waxman-Markey global warming bill narrowly passed the U.S. House of Representatives and awaits consideration in the U.S. Senate. A Heritage Foundation analysis of the bill predicts the bill’s energy price-boosting measures will result in sky-high costs. Should […]

White House’s $50B foreclosure plan a bust so far

The Obama administration’s $50 billion program to curb foreclosures isn’t working, and the White House knows it.

Administration officials blame the mortgage servicers charged with carrying out the mortgage modifications and refinancing under the federal program. Many of their Democratic allies on Capitol Hill back them up, but others are criticizing the White House […]

Larry Summers: Stimulus Success, ‘Economic Depression’ Google Searches Down

According to Larry Summers we can all rest easy about the state of the economy these days. As proof of the stimulus success Summer points to the “Economic Depression” Google searches down numbers. Really? Google has now become an indicator of the state of the economy? I thought rising unemployment numbers were a good indicator […]