Did CBS exercise 'creative editing' with Ted Cruz's remarks on 'Face the Nation' this morning?

UGH: CBS Face the Nation cuts out RED MEAT portion of Ted Cruz interview, exposing OBAMA’S ABUSE OF POWER

The Right Scoop 1/26/2014

This morning on CBS’s Face the Nation, hosted by Bob Schieffer, almost a full minute from Ted Cruz’s interview, where he went after the president for his abuses of power, were completely […]

NBC News on Dr. Ben Carson: ‘Blinded by the White’


John Nolte Breitbart.com Big Journalism 29 Mar 2013

…NBC News obviously wants to destroy the threat of any independent-thinking black man as quickly as possible. So it should come as no surprise that, by the time Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart filled in for MSNBC’s Martin Bashir, Carson’s apology was treated as far […]

Gun control group uses film editing that would make Michael Moore proud

With a little selective editing, John Barrow becomes poster child for anti-gun group

Jim Galloway The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1/17/2013

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has entered the debate over gun control with a video that features U.S. Rep. John Barrow, D-Augusta, as its poster child…

…Barrow was critical of gun control legislation proposed by […]

CBS Omits Clip From Broadcast of Obama Admitting His Campaign Has Gone ‘Overboard’ & Made Campaign Ad ‘Mistakes’

Billy Hallowell The Blaze 9/24/2012

t’s an undisputed fact that the American people have a high level of distrust for the mainstream media — just look at the startling Gallup numbers released last week. A recent decision by CBS News to omit a portion of an interview with President Barack Obama in which he admitted […]

Video: MSNBC as apologetic as you’d imagine for deceptive editing on Romney WaWa visit

Ed Morrissey HotAir.com 6/19/2012

I’ll assume everyone has already read Allahpundit’s post from last night, which linked to SooperMexican’s explanation of how MSNBC deceptively edited the video to make it look as though Mitt Romney was somehow blown away by “touchtone screens,” when in fact he was making a salient point about the nature of […]

MSNBC admits to injury on back of George Zimmerman’s head

Fire Andrea Mitchell! 4/1/2012

So it seems like ABC doctored the tape of George Zimmerman in that police video after all. What a shock. When Obama/left wing propaganda outfit MSNBC concedes that there is some sort of injury to the back of the head of George Zimmerman, after the Daily Caller enhanced the image of […]