John Kerry. Bashar Assad. Then and Now. Oh, and the ‘Responsibility to Protect’ Doctrine.

The Awkward Photo John Kerry Doesn’t Want You to See

Chris Miles policymic 8/27/2013





…In February 2009, before the proverbial Sh*t hit the proverbial fan, Kerry led a delegation to engage Syria. It was a “frank exchange” of ideas and talk about the possibility of peace in the […]

‘Cooking the Books’: Christopher Monckton replies to John Cook

Joanne Nova JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax 2/6/2012

When Christopher Monckton debated at the National Press Club in Canberra last July, he showed exactly why the fans of a man-made catastrophe are so frightened of free speech and open debates. With no slides nor images, in a single hour he still changed the opinions […]

Occupy Attacks!: Occupy Portland Attacks KGW News Crew!

daylightdisinfectant YouTube 11/8/2011

(Viewer Discretion Advised) Dateline November, 8, 2011 – Mostly RAW Apologies for being long, but the entire video is good. A KGW News Crew was attacked by Occupy Portland while a Citizen Journalist films. Quote the attacker: “We are the 99% and we don’t want you in our society!” The attacker uses […]

A Tottering Technocracy

Here and in Europe, the financial meltdown exposes the hollowness of our elites.

Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online 8/9/2011

We are witnessing a widespread crisis of faith in our progressive guardians of the last 30 years. These are the blue-chip, university-certified elite, employed by universities, government, and big-money private foundations and financial-services companies. The […]

Thomas Sowell: The “Dubious Achievements” of the American Intelligentsia

“Intellectuals give people who have the handicap of poverty the further handicap of a sense of victimhood.”

Thomas Sowell excerpted from Intellectuals and Society RightNetwork February 2011

Intellectuals encourage people who contribute nothing to the world to complain and even organize protests, because others are not doing enough for them…

…In schools and colleges, the […]

America’s Death by Professor

Stuart Schwartz American Thinker 5/20/2010

Where professors rule, life is cruel.

That is the bottom line for the average American in this, the transformative age of the president the New York Times and Washington Post has called “Professor” Obama, who “schools” the ignorant at home and abroad. Never before have so many with so little […]