Will Longer School Year Help or Hurt U.S. Students? Plus some thoughts about reinventing government education

The Barrister Maggie’s Farm 1/17/2013

…I think it’s time that the entire structure of public K-12 education ought to be reinvented.

We started out with home-schooling, with tutors for the wealthy, then neighborhood one-room schoolhouses supported and controlled by the parents of the kids, then we went to the tax-supported, age-cohorted Prussian (yes, our public […]

Bill Ayers urges Obama to 'rethink' K-12 policies for second term

An Open Letter to President Obama from Bill Ayers Good.is 11/6/2012 (at 9:10 PM)


Dear President Obama: Congratulations!

I’m sure this is a moment you want to savor, a time to take a deep breath, get some rest, hydrate, regain your balance, and take a long walk in the sunshine. It might be as […]

Louisiana teachers hope to recall Jindal

Robby Soave The Daily Caller 8/14/2012

Foes of school choice and other conservative education reforms have lined up to recall Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. But unlike the intense campaign in Wisconsin, no one expects this effort to even qualify for the ballot.

“They really have no chance of actually getting enough signatures,” said Kevin Mooney, […]

Steve Jobs Biography Reveals He Told Obama, ‘You’re Headed For A One-Term Presidency’

The Huffington Post 10/20/2011

In one of the most hotly-anticipated biographies of the year, “Steve Jobs,” author Walter Isaacson reveals that the Apple CEO offered to design political ads for President Obama’s 2012 campaign despite being highly critical of the administration’s policies…

Jobs, who was known for his prickly, stubborn personality, almost missed meeting President […]

Obama’s “Common Core of Standards”: Final Step in Phony School Reform

Beverly K. Eakman The New American 04 August 2011

American education has seen one “reform” movement after another. The most recent incarnation, “Race to the Top,” was initiated in 2009 by the Obama Administration. It is structured around a serious-sounding program called the “Common Core of State Standards Initiative Project,” or CCS for short, which […]