Obamacare cuts home healthcare for millions of seniors

Dan Weber The Washington Times 2/28/2014

…As 2014 unfolds, the most vulnerable senior citizens — those who receive home health care services — are about to learn they are out of luck. Obamacare opens a trap door under them, leaving this elderly population in freefall — with many citizens losing access to home health care.


Did Obama Hint At Healthcare Rationing During SOTU?

Foundations quietly laid for massive government intervention

Aaron Klein WorldNetDaily 2/14/2013

Did President Obama hint at healthcare rationing during last night’s State of the Union address?

In his speech, Obama listed healthcare reform as a key in reducing long-term government debt, specifically referring to the “rising cost of health care for an aging population.”

“And […]

You wished for it and you're going to get it: America's Obamacare will look like this

9 December 2012

Many readers know that our WordBoss is a naturalized citizen from Great Britain. Time and again WB has warned anyone who will listen that Socialism has never succeeded and, in fact, it will eventually–one way or another–become lethal. It’s an intrusive and failed system that elevates jealousy, envy, and greed. Socialism devours […]

Sentenced to death for being old

…‘I said his actions constituted “pure ageism”. But they said he hadn’t acted wrongly as it was a “matter of professional opinion”.’

This kind of ‘professional opinion’ appears to be costing more than 14,000 lives each year, thanks to routine discrimination by doctors who assume older patients are too frail for […]

Why should fat people take precedence over the elderly in Britain’s NHS?

Cristina Odone The Telegraph [UK] 26 March 2012

Even the most sentimental champions of the NHS recognise its dark side. Given that its Chief Executive Sir David Nicholson has demanded a £20 billion efficiency saving [$32 billion US] if the NHS is to survive, and that demographic changes mean millions more elderly people will rely […]

Death tax to pay for elderly care is scrapped

Plans for a new National Care Service providing free support for the elderly have been abandoned by the Government.

Rosa Prince Political Correspondent Telegraph [UK] 29 Mar 2010

The Daily Telegraph has learnt that in an embarrassing climbdown ministers have scrapped advanced proposals for a compulsory scheme that would have been funded partly by […]