Obama EPA Rules Leave Low-Income Americans In The Cold

Mac Zimmerman Editorial Investors.com 2/19/2015

The Obama administration is now putting the finishing touches on a raft of environmental regulations due in the coming months, including the Clean Power Plan and others that will drastically impact the affordability of energy in America.

Yet while the president and his supporters speak benevolently of protecting the health […]

Offshore wind farms drawing electricity from grid to keep turning in icy conditions

Energy firm confirms wind turbines need to draw electricity from grid at times, but point out that all power stations use electricity as well as generating it

Gordon Rayner The Telegraph [UK] 31 Dec 2014

Offshore wind farms are drawing power from the National Grid to keep turning and prevent them icing up in subzero […]

EPA Admits Climate Rule Will Raise Electricity Prices

Michael Bastasch The Libertarian Republic 04 Jun 2014

In 2008, Barack Obama said his energy plan would cause electricity prices to “necessarily skyrocket.” The Environmental Protection Agency’s latest power plant regulations seem designed to do just that.

The EPA’s own regulatory analysis of its rule to cut carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants says […]

Obama Is Bypassing Congress Again. This Time It's Going to Cost You.

Nicolas Loris and Nicole Rusenko The Foundry Heritage.org 5/29/2014

Next week, the Obama administration is planning to unveil a climate action plan that it intends to implement without legislative approval. It’s a creative approach to governing, not unlike other executive actions President Obama has taken to bypass Congress.

When lawmakers refused to pass cap-and-trade legislation, […]

America’s power grid at the limit: The road to electrical blackouts

Steve Goreham The Daily Caller 4/23/2014

Americans take electricity for granted. It powers our lights, our computers, our offices, and our industries. But misguided environmental policies are eroding the reliability of our power system.

Last winter, bitterly cold weather placed massive stress on the US electrical system ― and the system almost broke. On January […]

Happy New Year! Feds list 141 new regulations in only three days

Michael Bastasch The Daily Caller 1/3/2014

It’s a new year and you know what that means — new regulations. The Obama administration has wasted no time in writing them.

The website Regulations.gov lists 141 regulations that have been posted by federal agencies in the last three days alone. Of these regulations, 119 are “rulemaking,” meaning […]