Democrats Continue ObamaCare Manipulation

Rushing To Cancel Medicare Cuts They Asked For, Trying To Turn This Into Political Win

Joseph R. Carducci Downtrend 2/22/2014

…You may or may not remember, but last month the HHS announced that Medicare cuts are on their way. These were actually written into the ObamaCare law, and the insurance companies have already reacted to […]

What Health Spending Would Look Like in 2014 Under Obamacare

Jeffrey H. Anderson The Weekly Standard 7/29/2011 [via Benjamin Rush Society]

A new report from federal officials at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) says that Obamacare will increase nationwide health care spending. Particularly interesting are the report’s findings for 2014, the year that’s slated for Obamacare’s grand opening (if the overhaul isn’t […]