Obama defies congressional leaders, OKs delivery of F-16s to Egypt

WorldTribune.com 12/12/2012

The administration of President Barack Obama has approved the delivery of advanced F-16 multi-role fighters and main battle tanks to Egypt.

Congressional sources said Obama has ordered the Defense Department to deliver advanced combat platforms to Egypt in 2013. They said the White House cited what was termed “extenuating circumstances” for the multi-billion-dollar […]

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Crucifies Opponents, Attacks & Terrorizes Secular Media

SheikYerMami Winds of Jihad 8/16/2012

by Raymond Ibrahim/Special to IPT News August 15, 2012

Last week in Egypt, when Muslim Brotherhood supporters terrorized the secular media, several Arabic websites—including Arab News, Al Khabar News, Dostor Watany, and Egypt Now—reported that people were being “crucified.” The relevant excerpt follows in translation:

A Sky News Arabic correspondent […]

Two Men Falsely Claim to be ‘Air Marshals’ on DC-bound Flight

Publius Big Government 9/11/2011

Alert readers have reported that their flight, United Airlines 3681, from St. Louis to Washington Dulles had to make an emergency return to the gate as it prepared for take-off. According to local officials, it was found that two men who had boarded the plane as ‘federal air marshals’ didn’t have […]