Remarks at today's Values Voter Summit

SenTedCruz YouTube 10/11/2013

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“…You know, the nice thing is the Left will always, always, always tell you who they fear, and they fear you. They fear the American people…”

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There is more video at C-SPAN, Value Voters Summit, Morning Session

The […]

Beck interviews Family Research Council shooting witness General Jerry Boykin

Glenn Beck 8/17/2012

The media has gone AWOL on the shooting by an apparent deranged leftist at the Family Research Council in Washington DC this week. Friend of the show (ret) General Boykin was at the building when the incident occurred and gives an incredible account of what happened. It’s a great story of heroics […]

Gay Protestors Surround Praying Priest

johnjkirkwood YouTube 8/8/2012

Father Gerald O’Reilly is shouted down by a group of protesters from the Gay Liberation Network as he prays outside of Chick-fil-A, (Watertower) in Chicago Illinois on the 8th of August, 2012.

H/T Moonbattery, “Liberal Tolerance”

Behold the reverence accorded a priest in Chicago by the militant perverts who are […]

Sad: Openly Gay Romney Adviser Steps Down Under Pressure From Social Conservatives

Rob Port Say Anything Blog 5/1/2012

The Romney campaign drew the ire of social conservatives by hiring an open gay foreign policy adviser named Richard Grenell. The Family Research Council was griping, as were some folks at the Media Research Center.

This week Obama turned up the volume on foreign policy issues, what with his […]

27 Congressmen to Court: If Individual Mandate’s Unconstitutional, Strike Down All Obamacare

Fred Lucas 1/9/2012

Twenty-seven members of Congress, including House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas), have signed an amicus brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down the entire Obamacare law if it finds that the individual mandate provision is unconstitutional.

The Family Research Council filed the amicus curiae in the case challenging […]

HHS Website Advocates Early Sexualization of Children

Raven Clabough The New American 25 August 2011

The United States Department of Human Health Services seems to be pushing for the sexualization of young children. According to the HHS website, children are in fact “sexual beings.” This revelation comes around the same time as a group of psychologists are pushing to decriminalize pedophilia. The […]