Report: Common Core Lesson Plan Pushes Pro-Palestinian Agenda

Cathy Burke Newsmax 19 May 2015

A Massachusetts program for middle- and high-school students is coming under fire for its political bent and anti-Israel bias.

According to a report in the publication The College Fix, the workshop teaches that Hamas and Fatah — which began as the Palestinian National Liberation Movement founded by Yasser Arafat […]

The U.S. Has Been Speaking To Hamas Through Back Channels For More Than Six Months

U.S. officials and members of Hamas have been meeting in Jordan, Egypt, and Qatar, sources say.

Sheera Frenkel BuzzFeed 6/4/2014

JERUSALEM — United States officials have been holding secret back-channel talks with Hamas over the last six months to discuss their role in the newly formed unity government, according to two senior diplomatic sources with […]

Obama’s abandonment of America

Caroline Glick 5/20/2011

I was out sick yesterday so I was unable to write today’s column for the Jerusalem Post. I did manage to watch President Obama’s speech on the Middle East yesterday evening. And I didn’t want to wait until next week to discuss it. After all, who knows what he’ll do by […]

Returning to 1967

Bosch Fawstin NewsReal Blog 5/19/2011

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Obama has gone Old School. Literally. Back in 1967, he was living in Indonesia and attended “Koran class”, where a negative attitude towards Jews and Israel was no doubt instilled in him. (See also here.) Today, he “suggested”, drawing on the Full power […]

Obama Seeks Reset in Arab World

Mark Landler The New York Times 5/11/2011

WASHINGTON — For President Obama, the killing of Osama bin Laden is more than a milestone in America’s decade-long battle against terrorism. It is a chance to recast his response to the upheaval in the Arab world after a frustrating stretch in which the stalemate in Libya, the […]

Senate Democrats press Obama on Hamas

Ben Smith Politico 5/6/2011

Twenty-seven Senate Democrats wrote President Obama today to urge him to weigh in vocally against the Palestinian Authority’s peace deal with the Gaza group Hamas.

“The United States should stand by its refusal to work with any Palestinian government that includes Hamas,” says the letter, whose first signatory is Robert Menendez […]