House Republicans pile on against FCC Deem and Pass

Neil Stevens Red State 5/28/2010

I’ve hated to have to talk about out 72 House Democrats (and now John Dingell) are on the record against the FCC and its “Title II reclassification” power grab to deem that the Telecommunications Act 1996 no longer exists and so the FCC can do whatever it wants to ISPs, […]

Obama launches frontal attack on conservative talk radio

August 15, 2009 Columbia Conservative Examiner Anthony G. Martin

…Barack Obama has launched a full, frontal attack on conservative talk radio, and he is doing it without re-implementing ‘the Fairness Doctrine.’…

…the liberal have stated that if they ever retake Congress and the White House a top priority would be to bring back ‘the Fairness […]

New FCC official: “Fairness Doctrine was never repealed”

Seeks $250 million fines from radio stations, money to go to National Public Radio August 13, 2009 WorldNetDaily

WASHINGTON – The new “chief diversity officer” for the Federal Communications Commission believes the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” was never repealed and advocates crippling $250 million fines for radio stations whose programming does not meet with the government’s […]