Records Reveal Contact Between Corzine and the Fed in MF Global’s Final Days

James Rosen 12/14/2011

…MF Global documents and telephone and email records obtained by Fox News show that on the morning of Oct. 26 — not even a full day after the optimistic statement he released — Corzine was contacting top officials at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, including New York Fed President […]

Bailout Watchdog Questions All $5.8 Million of Simpson Thacher’s Legal Fees

Michael Smallberg Project on Government Oversight 9/29/2011

As a taxpayer, you have to love a watchdog report with a chapter heading that reads:

“SIGTARP Questioned All $5.8 Million of Simpson Thacher’s Legal Fees Because Simpson Thacher Did Not Provide Any Description of Work Performed or Any Receipts for Expenses”

That’s from a report issued yesterday […]