New EPA chief: ‘Stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs’

Joel Gehrke The Washington Examiner 7/31/2013

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy said people should “stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs,” even as Democratic lawmakers throughout the country have mounted an offensive against EPA rules.

“Can we stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs, please?” McCarthy said at Harvard Law School Tuesday while defending […]

FirstEnergy to Close Six Coal-Fired Plants Due to EPA Regulations

Frank York 1/26/2012

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson must be as pleased as punch. Her monster agency and its irrational rules are having their intended impact on the fossil fuel industry. Jackson and Obama have made it clear they want to destroy the coal industry and they’re being wildly successful at it.

The latest to […]

Upset about FirstEnergy’s pricey, hand-delivered light bulbs? You ain’t seen nothing yet

By Kevin OBrien Cleveland Plain Dealer October 08, 2009

There was a time when you and I could be trusted to change a light bulb.

In those days, powerful people who made weighty decisions understood that if a light bulb burned out, even the dimmest of us common folk would know enough to remove it […]

FirstEnergy to give away 3.75 million low-energy light bulbs

By John Funk The Plain Dealer October 05, 2009

FirstEnergy Corp. is getting ready to leave two high-efficiency light bulbs on your doorstep. But they’re not a gift.

The utility will charge average users 60 cents a month extra on their electric bills for the next three years — $21.60 all together. That covers the […]