In NSA-intercepted data, those not targeted far outnumber the foreigners who are

Files provided by Snowden show extent to which ordinary Web users are caught in the net



Barton Gellman, Julie Tate and Ashkan Soltani The Washington Post 7/5/2014

Ordinary Internet users, American and non-American alike, far outnumber legally targeted foreigners in the communications intercepted by the National Security Agency from U.S. digital networks, […]

Mounting concern over NSA in Congress

Burgess Everett Politico 6/7/2013

Concern in Congress is mounting over broad surveillance by the Obama administration as new revelations surfaced that the National Security Administration is monitoring Internet usage.

Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee is shopping bills that would address some portions of the government monitoring, an aide said, particularly the NSA collection of Verizon […]

NYT: Obama First to Deliberately Kill American Citizen Without Trial Since the Civil War

Patterico Patterico’s Pontifications 3/11/2013

…First, there is the point made in the headline of this post. Remember how Lindsey Graham chided his Republican colleagues for supporting Rand Paul?

To my Republican colleagues: I don’t remember any of you comin’ down here suggesting that President Bush was going to kill anybody with a drone. I don’t […]

Quote(s) of the day

30 December 2012



“America, the greatest losses to our freedom have not come from someone attacking us, but from the government ignoring the Constitution and the majority letting them get away with it.”

~Judge Andrew Napolitano

H/T Turning Point USA


“Freedom is not something that […]

Senate Debating Warrantless Domestic Spying Today; Vote Pending

Scott Shackford Reason Magazine 12/27/2012

…The FISA Act allows the government to get secret permission to spy on communications to and from Americans without having to prove probable cause in defiance of the Fourth Amendment.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has been on top of the political machinations behind the renewal of the bill, such […]