‘I treat Rupert’s money like it is mine.’

Don Surber Facebook 3/11/2013

ROGER Ailes is an American success story and regardless of what one may think of the Fox News operation he heads, he offered some good advice to his biographer, Zev Chafet.

Vanity Fair magazine excerpted some of that book, including a section where the biographer asked Ailes about his relationship with […]

Fed economists: Yes, TARP may have increased moral hazard

Suzy Khimm The Washington Post 3/7/2012

Two Federal Reserve researchers have confirmed what many have long suspected: big banks that were bailed out by the government took on greater risk without increasing lending to businesses. In other words, after they were stabilized by an injection of government funds, the specific loans made by “too big […]

Sen. Rand Paul returns $500K in office budget to Treasury

Scott Wong Politico 1/12/2012

Freshman Sen. Rand Paul is making good on his promise to cut federal spending. The Kentucky Republican and tea-party favorite said Thursday he’s returning $500,000 to the U.S. Treasury — money from his operating budget that his office never spent.

The half million dollars represents about 16 percent of Paul’s annual […]

Fiscal Conservatives Barred from Supercommittee

Will Senate Republicans be able to prevent tax hikes?

Stephen F. Hayes The Weekly Standard 8/2/2011

The debt ceiling deal will pass the Senate early this afternoon. No suspense there. But the vote will be worth watching for another reason: Three Republican Senate sources tell TWS that senators who vote against the deal will be […]

Pre-2005 Obamas : Deeply in Debt, Living off Lines of Credit

Flashback Pre-2005 Obamas : Deeply in Debt, Living off Lines of Credit Until “Magic Beans” Arrived

Uncoverage.net 7/11/2011

Prior to his book sales, made possible by terrorist Bill Ayers writing the book for him, and prior to her 250% “magic beans” raise, the Obamas were deeply in debt.

How can this country trust its future […]