‘Democratic senator’s environmental bill could benefit his wife’: A reader responds

15 December 2013

Last week we posted this article from The Daily Caller, Democratic senator’s environmental bill could benefit his wife, about Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and his wife, Sandra Thornton Whitehouse.

Late last night we received this email from a reader, GTF:

I found this while looking for some stuff on Mrs. Whitehouse. […]

Obama Fishing Czar Divides Democrats

Why John Kerry and Barney Frank are lining up against the administration’s “catch share” policy

Ira Stoll Reason Magazine 10/24/2011

The next battle over President Obama’s job-killing regulations may take place on the Atlantic Coast, where fishermen, and the senators and congressmen who represent them, are voicing mounting frustration at the Obama administration’s “catch-share” rules […]

Fishermen against Obama job destruction

CAJ note: We believe this topic is so crucial that we are presenting both of Ms. Malkin’s articles in full. She has done a brilliant job of explaining this threat to local economies and to our food supply. We urge to you follow her links, and to even read the articles directly on her website.


New England Fishing Struggles to Attract the Young

Old men and the sea: Younger generation in New England is steering clear of fishing industry

ABC News December 29, 2009

Meanwhile, Northeast groundfish revenue dropped from about $71 million in 2004 to about $62 million in 2008, and the catch fell from about 77 million pounds to 66 million.

As the chance to fish […]

Paper shows Big Green’s ‘inside’ push for catch shares

EDF’s 2005 document hails staffer’s slot on fishery council as a way to ‘work’ regulatory process

By Richard Gaines Staff Writer Gloucester Daily Times [MA] November 15, 2009

Since at least the 1990s, [Environmental Defense Fund] has been pushing globally to have commonly owned ocean fish stocks converted into catch quotas that could be assigned […]