Let’s starve! Kids forced to go hungry for hours during Michelle Obama media event

Eric Owens The Daily Caller 3/4/2013

A very courageous fifth teacher in the Chicago Public Schools has written a scathing critique of the almost comical misery she and her students endured when they participated in a massive February 28 event kicking off Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Active Schools campaign.

The First Lady’s campaign is an […]

Michael Bloomberg, Soda Jerk

Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban is about himself, not about public health.

Shikha Dalmia Reason Magazine 6/12/2012

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed ban on big sodas in the Big Apple is generating accusations that he is a Nanny Statist. But that’s not quite accurate. A nanny forces others to do things for their […]

‘Michelle’s Spitting Mad’

JammieWearingFool 10/25/2011

Aw, poor Moochelle. While America’s Nutritionist gets fawning, slobbering coverage from most every media outlet, when someone dares to point out she can’t stop shoveling food into her piehole, then there’s hell to pay. Look out, folks: The Tower of Glower is angry!

First lady MICHLLE OBAMA fuming as PAULA DEEN dishes […]

Taj Hotel caters to Obama’s sweet tooth

NDTV [India] 11/6/2010

Mumbai: The management at Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is leaving no stone unturned to make US President Barack Obama’s stay in the city ‘sweet’ and special.

Sources said chefs have been working for almost 24 hours to prepare an exclusive chocolate box for the president and his entourage. Interestingly, the box itself […]