Giuliani BLASTS Obama’s hurricane response as disgraceful

Where the hell are the generators and the bottled water?

The Right Scoop 11/5/2012

Rudy Giuliani, who knows a little something about disaster recovery and emergency response, says that if George W. Bush was doing what our campaigner-in-chief is doing while people don’t have water and generators nearly a week after the hurricane, the media […]

I Have Seen The Future And It Is Sandy

T.L. Davis TL in Exile 11/2/2012

…These catastrophes only foreshadow the inevitable economic collapse. It can be instructive to see how people act when they cannot get fuel, when they have no electricity, when they can’t charge the phones on which they have become so dependent. It will get worse…

…Nothing would have prevented Sandy […]

Las Vegas Review-Journal Destroys Obama

William Bigelow Big Journalism 11/1/2012

In one of the most blistering denunciations of Barack Obama ever penned, the Las Vegas Review Journal published an editorial today that excoriated Obama not only for his ineptitude in the Benghazi attack, but also his duplicity afterward and the cooperation of a supine press:

The Obama administration sat […]

Soaring prices threaten new food crisis

Instapundit 10/9/2010

CAJ note: Glenn Reynolds links to the Financial Times (which requires paid subscription) but we’ve captured the headlines he’s referring to since we cannot connect to the article itself:

From GLOBAL ECONOMY Oct 8, 2010

Soaring prices threaten new food crisis US forecasters slash grains production estimates Lex Commodities: self-defeating rally? In depth […]