Was There Global Warming In 1931?

The Founding Bloggers December 6, 2009

The widely failing Tribune corporation is pushing the global warming meme in today’s Chicago Breaking News blog:

Illinois sees 7th warmest November on record If you read the blurb, you will learn that the record high was set back in 1931!

So, was there man made global warming […]

Where did Van Jones come from? Ask Bill Clinton

by Foundingbloggers.com October 23, 2009

This is a follow up to our previous post regarding ACORN’s legislative victory in New York, and how the Van Jones founded “Green For All” helped secure the cash.

In the course of researching the topic, we came across a couple of interesting/disturbing details about the Marxist re-distributer Van Jones.


Obama and America’s Progressive Hexagon

[H/T Public Secrets]

From BigGovernment.com:

The Hexagon Of Progress: Barack Obama – Working Families Party – Democratic Socialists Of America – New Party – ACORN – SEIU

When a candidate of the Democratic or Republican parties is successfully elected President of the United States, it is widely accepted that by virtue of being the […]