Fox Business Network Cancels Judge Andrew Napolitano’s ‘Freedom Watch’

Matt Welch Reason Magazine 2/9/2012

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Bad news, freedom fighters! Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Freedom Watch, the best damned daily libertarian news & argument show in the history of television (name a better one!), has gotten the axe from Fox Business Network. From the press release:

FOX Business Network […]

Nigel Farage on Fox Business: The English Tea Partier

cubachi 12/2/2010

Nigel Farage, the British MEP and leader of the UK Independence Party was on America’s Nightly Scoreboard to give the layman’s version of the hectic nature of the European Union.

The Euro project is not only a bust, but it has busted member nations economically. Greece and Ireland are under and have lost […]

John Stossel moving to Fox Business Channel


It’s time for a change.

In one month, I leave ABC News.

In October, I will join the folks at Fox.

I plan to do a one hour prime time show every week on FBN, the Fox Business Channel, and contribute to various existing programs on Fox News Channel.

I’m grateful to ABC […]