Sen. Marco Rubio Delivers GOP Response to Obama’s State of the Union Address

Brian Freedom’s Lighthouse 2/12/2013

Here is video of Sen. Marco Rubio’s GOP Response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address tonight.

Rubio emphasized the principle that bigger Government is not the solution to what ails America. President Obama is proposing larger and larger Government. He made a strong case for the need to get […]

Charles Krauthammer and his followers today are wrong

Mark Levin Mark Levin’s Notes Facebook 10/17/2012

Charles Krauthammer and his followers today are wrong. Obama did not win the debate on points or edge out Romney. Based on what?

Obama could not defend his awful record, which Romney repeatedly hammered. In fact, Obama lied about his supposed role in increasing oil and gas production. […]

The Language of the Debt Ceiling

CAJ note: we attended this evening’s telephone conference with Matt Kibbe and Frank Luntz and thought you might be interested in the information they shared.

Kibbe repeated a quote worth remembering, “Government goes to those who show up.” He told listeners that the Left is energized as never before because they see this […]

Frank Luntz: The American people vs politicians

The Right Scoop 4/18/2011

…Starting with Paul Ryan, a politican stands alone in front of both Obama and McCain voters and gets rated on what he says as he’s saying it. But the more interesting part comes when the American people get to address each politician directly. It’s good stuff…