Harper Uses Handshake to Tell Putin to ‘Get Out of Ukraine’

Jason Scott and Ilya Arkhipov Bloomberg.com 11/15/2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin got a blunt message when he approached Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper for a handshake at today’s Group of 20 summit in Brisbane, Australia.

“I guess I’ll shake your hand but I have only one thing to say to you: you need to get […]

Cavuto Slams EC President for Saying U.S. Banks Created Europe’s Mess

“Remember who magically appears to save your sorry ass.”

Christopher Santarelli The Blaze 6/19/2012

Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto closed his 4.pm. show Tuesday with possibly the most epic cable news rant of the year, torching European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso for daring to blame the European economic crisis on North America…

Watch the […]

Bolton: Germany Will Not Open its Checkbook Again

FoxBusiness 6/18/2012

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton, on the Greek elections, the euro and Germany.

Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com

Conservatives craft bill to prevent IMF bailout of crumbling eurozone

Alexander Bolton The Hill 12/2/2011

Conservatives say they will try to block the International Monetary Fund from bailing out Italy and Spain, which they say could leave U.S. taxpayers with a huge bill.

Republicans on both sides of the Capitol complain that the Obama administration has refused to share details of what Treasury Secretary Timothy […]

The rising cost of food

According to the UN’s latest update on global food prices, the cost of basic foods is still 37% higher than it was last year • Get the data on global food prices since 1990 • Explore the interactive

Datablog Guardian [UK] 7 June 2011

The last monthly report on global food prices before the summer […]

World Economy Poised To Suffer Further As G-20 Seeks Global Warming Tax On Jet And Shipping Fuel

PatDollard.com 6/5/2011

BONN, Germany, June 5 (Reuters) – The World Bank will suggest a global levy on jet and shipping fuel in recommendations to G20 governments later this year on raising climate finance, a senior official said on Sunday.

Developed countries have already written off chances of agreement on a new binding deal at a […]