GAO Report: Obama’s Policies ‘Not Sustainable’

Celia Bigelow Big Government 19 Feb 2013

For two months, reporters and lawmakers have ignored a devastating report from the federal government itself, which warns that the nation’s current fiscal policy will lead to economic collapse.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO)—the personal auditor of President Obama and the federal government—released its assessment of the […]

Are we, the people, responsible for the chaos that is enveloping America?

Bill O’Reilly Talking Points 1/18/2013

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Update: STUNNING: Mark Levin puts the debt limit fight in perspective

Update 2: Financial Audit: U.S. Government’s Fiscal Years 2012 and 2011 Consolidated Financial Statements

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Three Reasons to Kill The Dept. of Homeland Security

It’s Unnecessary, Inefficient, & Expensive

Meredith Bragg & Nick Gillespie Reason Magazine 11/23/2012

Sunday, November 25, 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which pulled together nearly two dozen federal agencies and departments under the control of new, single entity. Its responsibilities include running the US Border […]

The Government Admits the US Power Grid Can Be Taken Out at Any Time

Walter Hickey Business Insider 8/1/2012

The Government Accountability Office just released a report backing up earlier findings: because a series of recommendations were ignored, the U.S. electric grid remains highly susceptible to cyberattacks.

The grid is reliant on a number of IT systems that have known and likely unknown vulnerabilities. The result of a cyberattack […]

Flight school trained illegal aliens to fly aircraft in Boston

Jim Kouri Law Enforcement Examiner 7/23/2012

In a shocking discovery, the U.S. government allowed up to 25 illegal aliens to attend a flight school in Boston, according to a Government Accountability Office report [PDF] and a Fox News Channel story on Friday.

The illegal aliens included eight who had entered the country illegally and 17 […]

GAO: Recoverable Oil in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming ‘About Equal to Entire World’s Proven Oil Reserves’

Terence P. Jeffrey 5/11/2012

( – The Green River Formation, a largely vacant area of mostly federal land that covers the territory where Colorado, Utah and Wyoming come together, contains about as much recoverable oil as all the rest the world’s proven reserves combined, an auditor from the Government Accountability Office told Congress on […]