A black box in your car? Some see a source of tax revenue

The devices would track every mile you drive —possibly including your location — and the government would use the data to draw up a tax bill.

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Mileage Tax – Lawmakers Pushing A Mileage Tax For Drivers In 2013

Massteaparty YouTube 12/29/2012

Tracking and taxing every mile you drive:


11 shocking, true facts about Simpson-Bowles

Ezra Klein The Washington Post 12/4/2012

An important fact to keep in mind in the coming days: “The Bowles plan” that Speaker John Boehner endorsed is not the same as “the Simpson-Bowles plan.” Indeed, it’s not even the plan supported by its apparent namesake, Erskine Bowles, who insists that he was simply sketching out the […]

Democrats Trying to Orchestrate Bi-Partisan Gas Tax Increase

Posted by Erick Erickson RedState.com Friday, November 20th 2009

Got this from a high level source:

I just came from dinner and recognized the voices beside me. It was Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and three other Democrats. I knew the other faces but names escape me.

They were strategizing on how to raise the gas tax. […]