Queen Noor Condemns Gingrich’s Comments on Muslim Brotherhood

Lauren Frayer AOL News 2/8/2011

Queen Noor, the American-born wife of Jordan’s late king, is defending Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood against critics like Newt Gingrich who accuse the group of wanting to kill Americans.

Noor told CNN late Monday that she believes the Muslim Brotherhood is “one of the many groups throughout the region that have […]

Egypt’s Army Makes Way for the March of a Million

James Phillips The Foundry Heritage.org 2/1/2011

Cairo was flooded with protesters for the seventh day on Monday, as opposition leaders promised that Tuesday would see a “march of a million” aimed at toppling the besieged Mubarak regime.

Significantly, a spokesman for Egypt’s military noted that the army recognized “the legitimacy of the people’s demands” […]

Obama, liberals caught ‘intellectually unprepared’ for Egypt crisis

Rick Moran American Thinker 1/30/2011

A great article by the literary editor of The New Republic, Leon Wieseltier, who chastises Obama and the left for their response to events in Egypt:

The administration’s predicament, it must be said, is strategically complicated: since Mubarak may fall, it cannot afford to alienate the protestors, but since the […]

The fixer in the shadows who may emerge as Egypt’s leader

CAJ note: Though this article is nearly two years old it was just posted tonight on Facebook by Michael Yon.

General Omar Suleiman is already one of the world’s most powerful spy chiefs. And in time, says David Blair, he could well be Hosni Mubarak’s successor as leader of Egypt.

David Blair The Telegraph [UK] […]