Obama vows to go after gun rights, admits he wants ‘fundamental change’ to America

Twitchy 12/30/2012

…Something fundamental has to change? Like that pesky Constitution?

President Obama had a busy morning during an interview on “Meet the Press”: He blamed the death of four Americans in Benghazi on “sloppiness,” [emphasis CAJ] and called democracy “messy.” But that wasn’t all! He also did some ghoulish politicizing of the Newtown […]

Blaming Others For Differences In Performance

Thomas Sowell Investor’s Business Daily 4/8/2010

The blatant and undeniable fact that different racial, ethnic and other groups have had radically different economic and intellectual achievements for centuries, in countries around the world, has led to widely varying theories and widely varying political and other reactions.

A hundred years ago, during the Progressive era in […]