Film maker Gaston: ‘We Will Not Be Silenced’

Trevor Loudon New Zeal 7/12/2010

Gigi Gaston is an American writer-director who directed her first documentary, The Cream Will Rise, in 1998 about singer-songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins.

Here is Gaston’s 2008, documentary on alleged irregularities and in the caucuses that were part of the 2008 Democratic party presidential primaries.

According to this, Obama supporters were […]

Dem filmmaker challenges DNC to answer for voter fraud in 2008

Great Merciful Zeus: Gigi Gaston on FOX challenges DNC to answer for the voter fraud it allowed in 2008 HillBuzz 7/11/2010

Here’s filmmaker Gigi Gaston on Fox & Friends this morning, calling for an investigation into the fraud and voter intimidation Obama and his campaign engaged in back in 2008.

This is how Obama […]