Louisiana lawmaker plans Common Core repeal bill for 2014 legislative session

Ben Velderman EAGnews.org 9/24/2013

It looks like Louisiana lawmakers will get another chance early next year to withdraw the Pelican State from the latest education fad, known as Common Core.

State Rep. Cameron Henry, a Republican, announced Monday “he will file legislation before the 2014 legislative session urging Gov. Bobby Jindal to halt implementation (of […]

Republican turncoats: naming the names

Anthony Martin Conservative Examiner 7/31/2013

In a previous Examiner report it was noted that talk radio host and attorney Mark Levin, who served in the Reagan Administration, had not only lamented but lambasted the elitist leadership establishment of the Republican Party for being just as dangerous as Democrats.

Levin cited various and sundry votes and […]

Don Lemon and Bill O’Reilly engage in conversation on race, Sharpton hardest hit

Mary Katharine Ham Hot Air 7/30/2013

…Lemon doesn’t have to agree with every word O’Reilly said or the way he said it, but he recognizes that a bit of grace is necessary if you sincerely want to allow different voices, which is part of how conversations work. It was all the more surprising coming from […]

CTU President Karen Lewis laughs about lying to parents, turning students into ‘hostages’




Kyle Olson EAGnews.org 3/27/2013

NEW YORK – Why is our government education system so dysfunctional? Perhaps because parents often don’t get the truth and administrators and teachers are constantly fighting each other.

That much can be discerned from the words of Karen Lewis, president of the radical Chicago Teachers Union.

Lewis […]

Florida Election Results 2012: Allen West Decries Voter Fraud in Florida, And He is Right

Frank Hagler PolicyMic 11/17/2012

In an earlier article I referred to Congressman Lt. Colonel Allen West (R-Fla.) as a “wing nut.” He is a hero and a patriot. I apologize for that remark. He has referred to black Democrats as victims and slaves. He has said the House of Representatives is filled with communists posing […]

Gov. Bobby Jindal Says Louisiana Will Not Create ObamaCare Exchanges

“You know we used to celebrate when we got people off of Government programs. Instead, this President seems to want to make more and more Americans dependent on the Government.”

Brian Freedom’s Lighthouse 7/4/2012

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

There’s more at Freedom’s Lighthouse.

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