Obama administration broke law in Bergdahl exchange: audit

Stephen Dinan The Washington Times 8/21/2014

Obama administration officials broke two federal laws when they exchanged Taliban warriors for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the government’s top investigative office said in a legal report Thursday.

Officials should have given Congress a 30-day heads-up, and also illegally switched money from one account to another to conduct the swap, […]

Report: EPA Exceeds Its Authority With Proposed Rules

Peter Fricke The Daily Caller 8/19/2014

Congress should use the appropriations process to reassert its authority over the Environmental Protection Agency, according to a Heritage Foundation issue brief released Tuesday.

The report, written by scholar Daren Bakst, identifies three issues on which the EPA has proposed rules and regulations that exceed its authority. In all […]

Veterans Affairs officials purged 1.5 million unfinished medical orders

Mark Flatten The Washington Examiner 5/1/2014

More than 1.5 million medical orders were canceled by the Department of Veterans Affairs without any guarantee the patients received the treatment or tests they needed, the Washington Examiner has found.

Since May 2013, veterans’ medical centers nationwide have been under pressure to clear out 2 million backlogged orders […]

Obama’s $8 billion trick? Campaigning with your tax dollars

The administration is temporarily restoring funds to Medicare Advantage so seniors don’t lose coverage before the election.

Benjamin E. Sasse & Charles Hurt The New York Post 4/23/2012

Call it President Obama’s Committee for the Re-Election of the President — a political slush fund at the Health and Human Services Department.

Only this isn’t some […]

Bailout Watchdog Questions All $5.8 Million of Simpson Thacher’s Legal Fees

Michael Smallberg Project on Government Oversight 9/29/2011

As a taxpayer, you have to love a watchdog report with a chapter heading that reads:

“SIGTARP Questioned All $5.8 Million of Simpson Thacher’s Legal Fees Because Simpson Thacher Did Not Provide Any Description of Work Performed or Any Receipts for Expenses”

That’s from a report issued yesterday […]

Audit: Fed gave $16 trillion in emergency loans

Stephen C. Webster The Raw Story 7/21/2011

The U.S. Federal Reserve gave out $16.1 trillion in emergency loans to U.S. and foreign financial institutions between Dec. 1, 2007 and July 21, 2010, according to figures produced by the government’s first-ever audit of the central bank.

Last year, the gross domestic product of the entire U.S. […]