‘Was Trayvon Martin a kid, a child?’

Michael Yon Facebook 7/17/2013

Was Trayvon Martin a Kid, a “Child”?

Let’s look at the evidence. 17 year-olds can, and do, join the military.

At 17, I joined the military (reported for duty when 18). Before I graduated from high school, I could bench press 300 pounds.

At 17, my high school friend Scott Helvenston […]

David Petraeus was brought down after betrayal by vengeful CIA agents and his own bodyguards who made sure his affair was exposed, claims new book

Brandon Webb, a former Navy SEAL, and Jack Murphy, a former Green Beret, reveal the new claims in their book ‘Benghazi: The Definitive Report’ Petraeus was humiliated after a ‘palace coup’ by high-level intelligence officers who did not like the way he was running the CIA, authors say The book also claims that Petraeus […]