Is Van Jones Building an Economic Movement ?

“You go the the laundromat, you go to a sports bar, you go to a house of worship, ask people what the number one concern is. The economy, jobs, economic issues. And we don’t have anything to ask them to join.”

Has Van Jones Tipped His Hand on His Next Big Step to […]

8/28 and 10-2-10

Let’s Compare Aerial Pictures of the 10/2 and 8/28 Rallies

Scott Baker The Blaze 10/3/2010

Within hours of the 8/28 rally CBS News had posted expert analysis of the rally attendance and concluded that 87,000 people had attended.

I was pretty sure, given the hype around the “One Nation” rally, that they would do […]

Where did Van Jones come from? Ask Bill Clinton

by October 23, 2009

This is a follow up to our previous post regarding ACORN’s legislative victory in New York, and how the Van Jones founded “Green For All” helped secure the cash.

In the course of researching the topic, we came across a couple of interesting/disturbing details about the Marxist re-distributer Van Jones.


American Thinker: The ‘Ivan the Terrible’ of Obama’s Czars

August 13, 2009

How this guy got a job in government is beyond comprehension – unless you live in the United States under Barack Obama as president.

Meet Obama’s “Green Czar” Van Jones – former radical communist by his own admission, now a born again capitalist – at least when it comes to remaking the […]