Building the New Dark-Age Mind

America’s descent into the Dark Ages will not end well. It never has in the past.

Victor Davis Hanson Works and Days PJ Media 6/8/2015

History is not static and it does not progress linearly. There was more free speech and unimpeded expression in 5th-century Athens than in Western Europe between 1934-45, or in Eastern […]

A True Description of Fascism

Rocking MrE YouTube 11/10/2013

Fascism – a collectivist ideology that has nothing to do with ‘capitalism’.

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A grid comparison of communism and fascism:




Sky News Reporter Confronts Protesters

America Live Fox News Insider 8/10/2011

As more disturbing video emerges from violent riots in London, and one such clip was captured by a Sky News journalist who confronted looters in his own neighborhood. Megyn spoke to Sky News reporter Mark Scott who filmed his encounter with one rioter, who responded to Scott’s questions about […]

Irish Filmmaker, Ann McElhinney, is Confronting Eco-Hypocrisy

Stephen Kruiser Kruiser Control PJTV 3/14/2011

Ann McElhinney visits PJTV to talk about her documentary, Not Evil Just Wrong. She challenged Al Gore on global warming, and is challenging conservatives to tell their side of the story when it comes to global warming. McElhinney thinks that many celebrity environmentalists are just hypocrites with supersized carbon […]

‘Eco-fascism jumps the shark’ 10:10–No Pressure

Video: The dumbest, most self-defeating ad campaign ever

Ed Morrissey 10/1/2010

…the people behind “10:10 – No Pressure” keep trying to get this spot removed from YouTube. As a precaution, I’ve included Stephen Gutowski’s Eyeblast upload to be sure it sticks around, and sticks to the AGW movement like bloody flesh after an […]

Global Warming as Groupthink

The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s process institutionalizes groupthink on a global scale.

by Peter Lilley The Wall Street Journal December 17, 2009

It is easy to mock the thousands of activists, officials and ministers flying to Copenhagen in their jets, driving around in an immense fleet of limousines, and collectively emitting more carbon […]