Was Joe Soptic famous before he was famous?

Leo Gerard and the Chicago Thugs

Is Obama appointee the link between the Obama campaign and the Obama SuperPAC?

Jeffrey Lord The American Spectator 8/16/2012

Was Joe Soptic famous before he was famous?

Did a member of the Obama Administration bring Soptic to the attention of both the Obama campaign and the pro-Obama SuperPAC run […]

New Romney ad slams Obama over Soptic attack

Ed Morrissey HotAir.com 8/10/2012

It didn’t take long for Team Romney to go on offense over the despicable attack ad from Priorities USA Action that strongly implied that Mitt Romney was responsible for the death of a spouse laid off by GST — several years before her diagnosis, and long after Romney left Bain Capital’s […]

Inconvenient truths emerge about Obama’s ‘Mitt Romney killed Joe Soptic’s wife’ ad

Wait a Minute: Joe Soptic’s Wife Wasn’t Even Diagnosed With Cancer Until 2006?

Ace Ace of Spades HQ 8/8/2012

Romney left Bain in 1999.

GST was shut down in 2001.

Soptic’s wife had her own health insurance through 2003.

Now, in 2006, she was diagnosed — diagnosed! — with very late-stage cancer.

She died 22 […]

CNN: Obama Ad ‘Pretty Outrageous’

Breitbart.com Breitbart.TV 7 Aug 2012

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Reporters Push White House to Respond to Obama Ad

Update: How Obamacare & Democrats are Hurting Seniors, Including My Parents

…Obamacare raids Medicare by $716 billion from 2013 to 2022. Despite Medicare facing a 75-year unfunded obligation of $37 trillion, […]