Rep. Michele Bachmann’s 1 million household townhall and what that $26 billion in new ‘stimulus’ dollars really means to you

CAJ note: Last night we joined one million households across the country on Rep. Michele Bachmann’s tele-townhall. Bachmann referred to this article [below] by Kevin Bogardus during the call.

The Congresswoman said that Speaker Pelosi has blocked debate on the bill and that this legislation is a shell. It was an aviation bill [which […]

Teachers unions cash in at expense of food stamp recipients

Chris Moody The Daily Caller 8/10/2010

House members return to Washington this week for a special session that will include a vote on a $26.1 billion spending package [HR 1586] intended partially to keep states from laying off teachers, a move some critics have called a “bailout for teachers unions.”

The Senate last week passed […]