Enemy inside the wire

Shariah front groups now oversee fed’s counterextremism training

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. The Washington Times 10/31/2011

What would have happened if, during the Cold War, Soviet intelligence had been responsible for training Americans charged with countering communist aggression? Surely we would not have defeated the Soviet Union. Perhaps, instead, Nikita Khrushchev’s boast that his nation […]

‘Occupy Orlando’ and CAIR?

Jihad Alert–Muslim Brotherhood at Occupy Orlando

Barracuda Brigade 10/17/2011

Attorney Shayan Elahi is the legal advisor for “Occupy Orlando”?

Related: At Atlas Shrugs Pamela Geller has had first-hand experience with Elahi. She’s also posted “Obama Endorsed #OWS,” an essay with photos you definitely won’t see in MSM.

Rep. Frank Wolf calls out Grover Norquist for jihad ties; Norquist cries ‘racism’

Robert Spencer Jihad Watch 10/6/2011

Many anti-jihadists’ concern about Grover Norquist and his jihad ties ended abruptly when it turned out he was close friends with Rick Perry. People who had been criticizing Norquist for years for being in bed with Islamic supremacists suddenly discovered that, hey, everyone does it (ignoring the fact that Norquist […]

Michelle Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Eileen F. Toplansky American Thinker 9/18/2011

With the news that “[i]nfiltration of the federal government by members of the radical Muslim Brotherhood is worse than some have warned,” it should come as no surprise that while Obama has been courting Muslim Brotherhood operatives, his wife has also gotten into the act…

..towards the end of […]

Racial Discrimination, Preferences, and Selective Enforcement by the Obama Administration

Peter Kirsanow The Corner National Review Online 4/22/2011

The cumulative evidence of pervasive racialism within the administration should no longer escape the attention of congressional oversight. Although isolated instances of racial bean-counting could be found in previous administrations, racial and ethnic preferences/selectivity appears to have infected policymaking at a variety of levels within this administration. […]

DOJ Source: Gov’t Muslim ‘Outreach’ Jeopardized Active Terror Investigations

Patrick Poole Pajamas Media 4/18/2011

The nearly six-hour interview I conducted earlier this year with a top Department of Justice official on the condition of anonymity brought forth a number of revelations about serious problems within the U.S. government’s homeland security and law enforcement community.

Last Thursday, I reported here exclusively at PJM on a […]