Obamacare cuts home healthcare for millions of seniors

Dan Weber The Washington Times 2/28/2014

…As 2014 unfolds, the most vulnerable senior citizens — those who receive home health care services — are about to learn they are out of luck. Obamacare opens a trap door under them, leaving this elderly population in freefall — with many citizens losing access to home health care.


Union Thuggery in Fresno County

TV coverage of SEIU’s threats against immigrant workers and homecare providers YouTube 12/4/2009

H/T New Zeal

Senate Dems cut home healthcare, edge us closer to brink

Anthony G. Martin Columbia Conservative Examiner December 6, 2009

In a frantic effort to save his gargantuan plan to throw Senior Adults under the bus in order to give healthcare to illegals and pay for abortions with tax dollars, Barack Obama dashed to the Senate today to urge them to take the ball on in […]