Hu Jintao Warns Obama That Korea Situation Could Spiral Out of Control

Joe Weisenthal Business Insider 12/6/2010

The Wikileaks already hinted that China was tiring of the North Korean albatross, and despite its enigmatic calls for “Six-Party Talks” after the recent shelling, it continues to make more noises about wanting to change the status quo.

In a phone call today, Hu Jintao told Obama that the situation […]

Obama: Makin’ Friends!

CAJ Note: Please bear in mind, as you read this article, the man on the left is Canadian Prime Minister Harper. The man on the right is…well, you know who He is.

Elizabeth Scalia The Anchoress 4/13/2010

When people wag a finger in my face, I reach out and cover their hand and say […]