FCC May Force Comcast to Kill Hulu in Exchange for Supporting NBC Deal

Henry Blodget Business Insider 12/24/2010

In exchange for supporting the Comcast-NBC deal, the FCC may demand that NBC license its shows online to whoever wants them instead of just streaming them on Hulu and NBC.com, Peter Kafka says.This would be a major blow to Hulu, which benefits greatly from having semi-exclusive access to its partners’ […]

Net Neutrality Supporters Admit, They Want Property Rights Eliminated

Warner Todd Huston Emerging Corruption 10/27/2010

Oh, Net Neutrality sure sounds like a great idea. Why, Net Neutrality supporters only want what’s best for “the people,” right? They only want the Internet to be a playground for all, free of the influence of evil corporations, and they want fees to be reasonable for the lowly […]