Bill O'Reilly Breaks Project Veritas Obamacare Fraud Investigation

VeritasVisuals YouTube 11/11/2013

Bill O’Reilly led off The Factor tonight with video from Project Veritas showing Obamacare navigators committing fraud. Undercover Veritas operatives captured the video in Texas. Navigators with the National Urban League instruct the applicants in how to commit fraud.

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The Project Veritas video can be seen in full on YouTube:


Could This Lawsuit Really ‘Fatally Cripple’ Obamacare?

Jason Howerton The Blaze 10/22/2013

A federal judge on Tuesday declined to dismiss a lawsuit that could “fatally cripple” Obamacare, the Daily Mail reports.

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A group of small businesses have reportedly filed a lawsuit claiming that the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, prevents the federal government from enforcing the […]

Former Obama staffer arrested in false ID scheme

Mark Tapscott The Washington Examiner 1/21/2012

It’s probably going to be lost in coverage of today’s South Carolina GOP presidential primary but the biggest story of the day – and maybe much more than that even – could prove to be the arrest of a former Obama campaign staffer in a scheme to impersonate Iowa […]

Phony call to Governor Scott wasn’t just a prank…

Phony David Koch Call Wasn’t Just A Prank, It May Have Been Identity Theft

William A. Jacobson Legal Insurrection 2/25/2011

A pro-union blogger impersonated David Koch in order to get through to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. The blogger, pretending to be Koch, made numerous inflammatory and outrageous comments hoping to get a reaction from Walker. […]