Flashback: A reminder about Bowe Bergdahl’s desertion problem

Michelle Malkin 5/31/2014

While many people jumped aboard the Bowe Bergdahl bandwagon, I was not one of them. His release today in exchange for five Taliban commanders who had been in custody at Gitmo underscores troubling questions that have persisted since his alleged abduction.

Longtime readers will recall questions raised here about the circumstances of […]

’60 Minutes’ interviews the Muslim Brotherhood about Boston’s Muslim Terrorists

Blazing Cat Fur 4/22/2013

60 Minutes interviewed student members of the MSA – the Muslim Student Association, about the Muslim Terrorist Dhokhar Tsarnaev. The MSA is a student group founded by the Muslim Brotherhood with a long list of Terrorist Graduates. 60 minutes makes no mention of the MSA’s sordid history….

…He Seemed Like Such […]

People are, sometimes, accidental heroes

The man in the hat at Boston Marathon finish line: Carlos Arredondo didn’t set out to be hero


Carlos Arredondo helps a victim of the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday. Photo: Charles Krupa / AP



John Newland NBC News 4/16/2013

It’s an iconic image that captures a moment when one […]

CIA agents who thwarted al-Qaeda plot discover new bomb designs

Jim Kouri National Law Enforcement Examiner 5/8/2012

Terrorist bomb makers are attempting to evade detection by surgically implanting explosives inside the bodies of suicide bombers. Photo credit: FBI/USDOJ

U.S. counterterrorism officials said CIA intelligence agents thwarted an attempt by al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen to destroy a U.S.-bound airliner one year after the killing […]

Fast and Furious update: And now…Project Grenadewalker?!; Plus: The Indiana story

Michelle Malkin Michelle Malkin’s Notes Facebook.com 9/6/2011

The truth is still seeping out, despite Team Obama’s best efforts to cover up and shut up the Fast and Furious whistle-blowers.

Last week, we noted the latest evidence that the scandal went straight to the top and chronicled the desperate dance of the lemons. In discussing the […]