6 simple things parents can do in the wake of massacres *without* government

Michelle Malkin 12/17/2012

…2. Train our kids: When they see something troublesome or wrong, say something. If a young classmate exhibits bizarre or violent behavior toward himself/herself, other students, teachers, or parents, report it right away. If it gets ignored, say it louder. Don’t give up. Don’t just shrug off the “weirdo” saying/doing dangerous things […]

Never Quit

“…We have to be for something. We must present the solution. We must show people the way out…”


Glenn Beck 11/26/2012

After a long Thanksgiving break, the last thing Glenn wants to do is look at the news. No one wants to talk about geopolitical topics (unless it’s how Hamas is the […]

Somewhere Between Thailand and the USSA

Dave Blount Moonbattery 3/18/2012

Conservatives and libertarians aren’t anarchists. What we want isn’t chaos but a happy median somewhere between Thailand and the USSA, where the government would do what it is supposed to do and otherwise leave us alone: