Obama’s ex-Ebola czar warns of other danger: too much government growth

Michael Dorstewitz BizPac Review 3/23/2015

A Democratic operative and former Obama Ebola czar made a stunning admission in a magazine column published Sunday — that government is getting too big, and federal regulations pose a hindrance to growth.

“Recent developments in Washington, especially the Obama administration’s greater desire to flex its regulatory muscles in several […]

Mark Cuban: FCC's Net Neutrality, Title II Actions 'Will Fuck Everything Up.'

Nick Gillespie Reason.com 2/19/2015

Speaking at the Code/Media conference in California, entrepreneur Mark Cuban—who made his pile selling Broadcast.com back in the day—told his audience that allowing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to regulate the Internet in the name of Net Neutrality (or anything else) will “fuck everything up.” He continued: “Having them overseeing the […]

FCC commissioner: Get ready for a government takeover of the Internet

Ed Morrissey Hot Air 2/6/2015

Call it the largest plan for government regulation that no one can read — at least, the largest in almost five years. This time, though, even Congress can’t read it yet, even if they were so inclined. The plan comes from FCC chair Tom Wheeler, and it imposes Barack Obama’s […]

Mark Cuban on Net Neutrality: 'The Government Will Fuck the Internet Up'

Nick Gillespie Reason.com 11/13/2014

…I think Cuban, who made his big money from the sale ofBroadcast.com about 10,000 years ago (in internet time) is right to emphasize that what we think of as central now (video streaming! Netflix vs. Comcast! torrenting!) will be trifling in the future.

The FCC specifically and governments generally have never […]

Obama: Government Should Regulate Internet to Keep it Free

Nick Gillespie Reason.com 11/10/2014

So President Obama has announced that the Internet should be regulated as a public utility. He’s asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reclassify internet service providers (ISPs) from “information services” under Title I as telecommunications providers under Title II regulatory guidelines. (See here for background on the distinction.)

This is […]

Greedy Corporation Stops Ebola Spread in Liberia

Scott Ott PJ Tatler PJ Media 10/6/2014

While governments and nonprofits have been stymied in their efforts to stymie the spread of the Ebola virus, Firestone Tire & Rubber has apparently succeeded among its 80,000 Liberian employees and their families. When a wife of a Firestone employee showed up ill after caring for an Ebola […]