Aw Shucks, Why Not Let the UN Control the Internet?

Claudia Rosett PJ Media 11/24/2012

Here it comes again — another United Nations-sponsored grab to control the Internet. Next month, Dec. 3-14, the UN’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is holding a conference in Dubai, at which UN member states will meet to update the ITU treaty arrangements for international communications. The window will be open […]

Google to UN: Internet FREEDOM IS FREE, and must remain so

Fears ‘secretive’ govs plan to make it pay for stuff

The Register [UK] 21 November 2012

Google has attacked a “closed-door meeting” of United Nations’ regulators organised by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) taking place next month. The Chocolate Factory claimed that some of the proposals to overhaul the 1988 comms treaty could be bad […]

House Tells Obama to Stand Up for US Internet

William Begelow Big Government 3 Aug 2012

The House of Representatives, in a rare show of unanimity, approved a resolution that urged Barack Obama to stand against international proposals that would give the UN more control over the Internet. There are proposals in the works to be presented in Dubai in December that would […]

U.N. could tax U.S.-based Web sites, leaked docs show

Global Internet tax suggested by European network operators, who want Apple, Google, and other Web companies to pay to deliver content, is proposed for debate at a U.N. agency in December.

Declan McCullagh and Larry Downes CNET 6/7/2012

The United Nations is considering a new Internet tax targeting the largest Web content providers, including Google, […]

US diplomat: ‘Managing the Internet certainly not one of the UN’s roles’

Josh Peterson The Daily Caller 5/30/2012

American policymakers met Wednesday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. to discuss how international proposals to regulate the Internet would affect the U.S. and developing nations. That fate which may decided at a conference in Dubai in December.

Policymakers were adamant that the proposals to renegotiate a […]